New Look and Site Update

RespectYou are probably thinking that things look differently – well that’s because they do. I just updated the back-end of the site (it’s the database and WordPress by the way) and decided to install a new site theme on a whim.

As a neat benefit, all posts will now be publicized on Twitter and you can follow us!

Hope you enjoy the new, simple, look and if you notice anything wonky please leave a comment.

On a side note, I just looked through the archives and noticed that I change the theme every two years give or take a month. Neat!

Site Info: How PR Companies Should Contact Us

This post is really only for people sending in messages about new products, companies, press releases, etc.

For those of you in the PR field or for people who want to send in news about their local event, I’m changing things up. The volume of press releases and the like sent to me has gotten overwhelming (this has been the case for sometime now, I’m just doing something about it now).

The only way I will read your PR (or whatever) is if you send it to the NEW contact at email address. Anything sent to a different email address will be ignored.

In fact, I’ll likely not respond to most press releases as I just get too many.

Now back to your regularly scheduled good news.

Follow us on Twitter

After holding out for years Things Are Good is finally on Twitter. Now you can find out when new posts (and thus new good news) are published using your twitter feed.

Check out our profile and follow us on Twitter! We’re known as @YoGoodNews.

We’re so Web2.0 right now! Anybody else remember that?

Have a great weekend!

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