22 Problems Solved in 2022

2022 ends in two days, and the team at Wendover Productions put together a list of 22 problems that have been “solved” during the year. It’s a nice video recap of some of the good things that humanity got up to this past year. Let’s hope 2023 sees even more solutions we can celebrate.

YouTube user, @kapitanbaobao9222 summed up the list with timestamps:

1) 1:48 NASA nails asteroid
2) 3:03 US joins Kigali amendment
3) 4:05 purportedly extinct species make comeback
4) 5:11 malaria vaccine progresses through trials
5) 6:33 lyme disease vaccine nearing market return
6) 8:04 US soccer teams strike monumental deal
7) 8:58 free lunches programs expand
8) 10:04 Europe standardizing charging ports
9) 11:02 US ev tipping point hit this year
10) 12:13 plan created for plugging orphan wells
11) 13:28 Canada pilots prescriptions for outdoors time
12) 14:18 military suicides see decline
13) 15:26 HIV vaccines progressing through trails
14) 16:18 art museums solve funding issue
15) 17:08 battery swap technology spreading
16) 18:22 ethereum achieves major efficiency gain
17) 19:42 MLB figures out authentication
18) 20:54 Klamath river set for return
19) 22:03 Intel launches deepfake detector
20) 22:47 solution for removing pfa’s found
21) 24:16 US States ban slavery
22) 25:42 nuclear fusion breakthrough

Watch These Documentaries to Better Understand SE Asia

The environmental movement is a global struggle against big corporations and corrupted governments, which means each struggle has commonalities while also being unique to its region. Over at Global Voices they compiled a list of documentaries that cover various environmental movements in south east Asia. Some of the content in the films will make you feel sad; however, it’s important to know what’s going on and that people around the world are sticking up for what’s right.

In “This Is Our Land”, Filipino filmmaker Noni Abao chronicles how local indigenous communities in Nueva Vizcaya, northern Philippines, are fighting against years of environmental degradation by calling for the closure of OceanaGold, one of the largest producers of gold and copper in the world. This documentary won the grand prize in the 2020 Gawad Cultural Center of the Philippines Para sa Alternatibong Pelikula at Video and was the second-place winner in the 2020 Yale Environment 360 Video Contest. Since Abao finished filming, dozens of the activists who organized the road blockade have been arrested following clashes with police and company representatives.

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Six Shorts on Sexual Harassment

The Oscars last night were overshadowed by the many of the sexual harassment scandals that were revealed last year in Hollywood. Harvey Weinstein being one the more notable harassers exposed last year has gotten a lot of attention, but there are many men who don’t get called out on their inaaprioate behaviour. The conversation about sexual harassment grew quite a bit in 2017 and in 2018 we seeing the conversation continue. Former Friends star David Schwimmer has backed the creation of six short films about sexual harassment to highlight how common it is for some people to experience. The idea behind the videos is to let people know in their workplace they can avoid (and identify) sexual harassment.

The point of the series is to name unacceptable behavior, offer support for victims and call employers to action, Mr. Schwimmer said. He acts in one of the films, and made the series with Ms. Avin, who wrote and directed the films, and Mazdack Rassi, a founder of Milk Studios.

Ms. Avin came up with the idea for the videos, a version of which she first made in Israel, because she wanted to define and visualize what everyday harassment looks like. It was “taking what some consider a gray area and making it clear: That’s harassment,” she said.

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Hundreds of Short Videos to Learn About Philosophy

Too many people think that philosophy is a practice for elites or people with too much time on their hands. Contrary to popular belief studying philosophy is easy and readily available. Studying philosophy helps with many aspects of life from logical thinking to mindful peace. Yes you can learn all about philosophy from some great video series on YouTube, over at Open Culture they compiled some of the better channels for you.

Nowadays, several million more people have access to books, literacy, and leisure than in Marcus Aurelius’ era (and one wonders where even an emperor found the time), though few of us, it’s true, have access to a nobleman’s education. While currently under threat, the internet still provides us with a wealth of free content—and many of us are much better positioned than Epictetus was to educate ourselves about philosophical traditions, schools, and ways of thinking.

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How to Maximize Misery

Many people strive for happiness and think it’s the end goal of life – pro tip: it isn’t. We’ve looked at happiness quite a few times and if there’s anything to learn from these posts it’s to embrace what you have at any given time. Mindfulness is key. In the video above CGP Grey takes use through things that make us miserable, and if you want to improve your life then you ought to stop doing those things listed in the video.

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