Six Shorts on Sexual Harassment

The Oscars last night were overshadowed by the many of the sexual harassment scandals that were revealed last year in Hollywood. Harvey Weinstein being one the more notable harassers exposed last year has gotten a lot of attention, but there are many men who don’t get called out on their inaaprioate behaviour. The conversation about sexual harassment grew quite a bit in 2017 and in 2018 we seeing the conversation continue. Former Friends star David Schwimmer has backed the creation of six short films about sexual harassment to highlight how common it is for some people to experience. The idea behind the videos is to let people know in their workplace they can avoid (and identify) sexual harassment.

The point of the series is to name unacceptable behavior, offer support for victims and call employers to action, Mr. Schwimmer said. He acts in one of the films, and made the series with Ms. Avin, who wrote and directed the films, and Mazdack Rassi, a founder of Milk Studios.

Ms. Avin came up with the idea for the videos, a version of which she first made in Israel, because she wanted to define and visualize what everyday harassment looks like. It was “taking what some consider a gray area and making it clear: That’s harassment,” she said.

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