New Look and Site Update

RespectYou are probably thinking that things look differently – well that’s because they do. I just updated the back-end of the site (it’s the database and WordPress by the way) and decided to install a new site theme on a whim.

As a neat benefit, all posts will now be publicized on Twitter and you can follow us!

Hope you enjoy the new, simple, look and if you notice anything wonky please leave a comment.

On a side note, I just looked through the archives and noticed that I change the theme every two years give or take a month. Neat!

A Newer, Gooder Website!

If you come here often, you’ll notice that the site looks different!

I just made the switch to this theme and I’m sure there are still some bugs around so if you find any, please leave a comment (after you comment you’ll see a bug…). I plan on adding some minor colour changes and add some features soon. I’ll list the features here once they’ve been implemented.

  • Tag cloud! Taxonomy is fun, check out the right side of the site.
  • Share this! Look slightly below and you’ll see a “Share this” option. Click on it to send the post to a friend or one of the more popular social websites.
  • Take good news to go! If you’re on a mobile you’ll now be better able to view Things Are Good.
  • The site should load faster.
  • If you comment, you should get a thank-you email and the page won’t have to reload after you comment
  • When reading a single post page you’ll notice relevant content from the Arkayne network under the content.

Thanks to Ricdes for the WordPress theme, it’s so good that I made only minor changes 🙂

Another thanks to the wonderful people at WordPress who continue to make my favourite blogging platform.

Do We Look Good?

It looks like we are looking more blue around here. We added some more colour to brighten everyone’s day. Hope you like the way it looks!

We also upgraded WordPress, which is what we use for making all this goodness you read every day. If you find any bugs with the site please let us know by sending an email to contact (at)

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