Whats Good??

what ther?
Have good news you want to expose to the World? You are invited to share it! People can always use more good news in their lives, and you could be the bearer of that news.

It’s easy. All you have to do is register a username. Find you’re way around, get cozy with us. Get inspired!
What should you write??? Good Things! It’s fairly simple really. If the subject:

a) deals with good news
b) fits within one of our categories
and or
c) does not contradict a category (for example an ‘Environment’ post wouldn’t say “Yay there’s a flood and we don’t have to go to work!”…..since floods are typically not good news.)

If it inspires you? Write away!

Want to add an image? We encourage that! The best way is to link through a website or flikr account. In your post click on ‘Image URL’ and type in the flikr image link. If at any time you need assistance send us an e-mail at contact@thingsaregood.com

It all begins with an idea. A desire to inform others about meaningful, progressive and great goings on!

Go ahead and do it!

New Site Design!

As you have probably noticed, the site looks different. It’s not perfected yet (for example I still need to unify all the blue text to one shade) and I’m sure some bugs are going to pop up as the site as also been upgraded to WordPress 2.1. If you run into a bug, or have anything to say about the redesign (good or bad) please leave a comment.

This redesign of the site is not just aesthetic, so stayed tuned for some really groovy announcements.

The theme that the site is based on right now is the Silver Lexus theme.

Edit: Already found two bugs that I need to fix, let the fun begin!

Fun News

planetSince every Friday we try to cover more fun news than normal I figured today is a good day to announce that we will be changing the site a fair bit in the 2007.

I can’t say much about right now, because we are still looking into some new ideas. We are already looking at some better ways to streamline getting good news up here on the site. There is so much good news out in the world that is looking to be shared, and we want to make that process easy!

If you any ideas (or comments) please share them with me via email at adam [at] ThingsAreGood

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