Greenpeace Reveals Harsh Truths About the Boreal Rainforest

Now, you may think that ‘harsh truths’ doesn’t sound a lot like good news. But I beg to differ. I recently joined the Greenpeace e-mailing list, and by doing so I have been updated with some ‘harsh truths’ about our planet, but whats more this information is educating me on how to diminish my effect on the destruction of our planet and contribute to larger scale change. Which I feel is pretty good indeed.
My most recent e-mail was so very eye opening I felt the desire to share what detailed info I came across regarding Canada’s forests.
*Canada’s Boreal Forest is the largest ancient forest in North America and comprises 90% of the Countries remaining intact forest areas, providing habitat for endangered species like the woodland caribou, lynx, grizzly bear and wolverine. It also provides the largest storehouse of terrestrial carbon on the planet!
*The forest is home to nearly a million aboriginal peoples-many of these First Nations and Metis are currently in conflict with logging companies and governments over forestry in their traditional territories.
*Ancient forests are being detroyed at a rate of one football field every 2 seconds, and more than half of all forest destruction has taken place over the past 35 years.
*Consumers like us can make a difference by purchasing recycled paper products or FSC-certified products, refusing to buy from companies that use or sell products made from the destruction of the Boreal Rainforest and by taking action toward greener initiatives.
*In British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest many of these campaigns to stop deforestation, and the support of consumers and companies changing their ways, has led to the protection of great areas of the old growth forests totalling over 2 million hectares!!!!

6 Environmental Warriors!

earth.jpgThe Goldman Environmental Award is the world’s largest prize honoring grassroots environmentalists, and this years winners were just announced! Check out these 6 amazing people from all over the Globe who have done some really incredible stuff for nature!

North America
Sophia Rabliauskas, 47, Manitoba, Canada: Working on behalf of the Poplar River First Nation, Rabliauskas succeeded in securing interim protection for the boreal forest of Manitoba, effectively preventing destructive logging and hydro-power development while the government and international agencies deliberate on the future of the region.

Hammerskjoeld Simwinga, 45, Zambia: In an area where rampant illegal wildlife poaching decimated the wild elephant population and left villagers living in extreme poverty, Simwinga created an innovative sustainable community development program that successfully restored wildlife and transformed this poverty-stricken area.

Tsetsegee Munkhbayar, 40, Mongolia: Munkhbayar successfully worked with government and grassroots organizations to shut down destructive mining operations along Mongolia’s scarce waterways. Through public education and political lobbying, Munkhbayar has effectively protected Mongolia’s precious water resources from additional unregulated mining.

South & Central America
Julio Cusurichi, 36, Peru: In the remote Peruvian Amazon, Cusurichi secured a national reserve to protect both sensitive rain forest ecosystems and the rights of indigenous peoples living in voluntary isolation from the devastating effects of logging and mining.

Willie Corduff, 53, Ireland: In the small farming community of Ross Port, Corduff and a group of committed activists and landowners successfully forced Shell Oil to halt construction on an illegally-approved pipeline through their land.

Islands & Island Nations
Orri Vigfússon, 64, Iceland: Vigfússon brokered huge international fishing rights buyouts with governments and corporations in the North Atlantic, effectively stopping destructive commercial salmon fishing in the region.

All winners will be honored as they come together at the San Fransisco Opera House tonight!!

Have A Heart! And Possibly Two Kidneys…….

I’ve recently been thinking about getting that organ donor sticker thingie added to my health card. Especially since I just read an article that spoke a bit about the subject. Did you know that when you die your old body could save up to seven lives??? Also, many people are afraid that if they are an organ or tissue donor that this means that they will be treated less fairly at the hospital because they are seen more as potential donors than as patients deserving the best care. Not true! The doctors that care for us and the organ donor guys are usually two separate teams of people. So no doc in their right mind is going to let you die because they want your heart and possibly both kidneys. You will also not end up in a crazy scientists lab experiment and become some crazy frankenstein of organs. Although that could also be kinda cool.

Perhaps the idea sounds a tad morbid, but if my own passing could in turn save others lives then I think thats a pretty cool thing. With this form I vow to give up my guts for a good cause. I can even choose which ones I don’t feel like giving away. Although at that point at can’t see myself being too picky.

Friday Haiku Day

Friday Haiku day
What kinds can you come up with?
Because they are great.

Want an idea?
I found this great craigslist thread
Some of them are COOL

Here are my contributions for the day…

David Suzuki
Has a wicked foundation
We can save the World


I really love bjork
She’s coming to Toronto
I am extatic!!

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