AgaselYou may have noticed a new name popping up around this site. Agasel has joined the team of volunteers that help spread good news around the world via this very website.

She brings with her a lot of knowledge of how traditional media functions and an interest in making the world a better place. Agasel is based in Vancouver, but looking for a more tropical climate to spend her life in that is conducive to her writing.

Agasel has already told us that we should do less homework and fashionable horseback riding.

You can get to know her personally at her blog.

Funtastic Friday

Here at we can’t cover all good things, for example you’ve probably noticed that we don’t post stories about individuals often. We post stories that effect groups of people for the better. Now we are changing that.

From now on every Friday is going to be posts about cute, fun, neat, or just endearing good stories. Essentially all the stuff we put to the side to bring real news will now be covered on Friday. It’s the end of the week and the start of a good weekend every weekend.

To get Funtastic Fridays rolling today we have planes and volleyballs and garbage. The posts will be appearing all throughout the day.


coffee in canadaI’d like to introduce everyone to our newest writer Nikki! She made her first post yesterday about the Madrid fashion show. Please give her a warm welcome.

Nikki hails from Vancouver, British Columbia and loves Canucks and coffee. Originally from Africa, Nikki has travelled the world making a difference doing all sorts of journalistically good things. She doesn’t like how the mainstream media concentrates on the negative aspects of reality and she wants to change that. She also doesn’t like celery.

Look forward to great posts from Nikki!

Belated Thanks

I’ve been gone for a week working at a camp in Ontario’s north so I haven’t had a chance to thank everyone for coming out to our GOOD event last week! (Photos to come later) We were able to raise over $300 for Amnesty International!

Thanks to everybody who came out, and thanks to those who showed their good art!

The bands that rocked our socks were:
The Jeff Selver Experience
Terror Lake

The artists that made our eyes feel special were:
Vivian Chong, Adi Zeharia, Sarah from The Rage, and Colin Stark, and Vivek from One Spirit Jewelry.

Let’s do it again sometime!

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