Filly Wear

horseyMost people who think of horseback riding visualize the rich, wearing pants with ridiculously huge hip width.  Vancouver clothing line Miss Filly is trying to turn that idea on its head.  The clothes collection is not only fashionable, it also tries to help women and girls live a fulfillled life.

Miss Filly designer Heather O’Hara grew up with horses, despite not being rich.  O’Hara believes in the powerful bond between women and horses, and this is reflected in her clothing line.  Miss Filly includes shirts, hoodies, tank-tops, toques, and panties.  Designs include lassos, hay bales, and the trademark Miss Filly ponies.

The clothing line has worked with organizations such as the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada, by contributing to fundraisers and riding scholarship programs.  O’Hara hopes to start a Miss Filly Foundation for inner-city girls and women at risk.  Clothing can be viewed on-line at the Miss Filly website.

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