Bloggers to Change World, Plan to Celebrate Victory

take actionBloggers have been gaining more respectability throughout the years as they become major players in shaping public opinion. If you don’t beliuveme that bloggers can change the world, just read this blog entry. October 15th will be the day of action for bloggers, you can get involved yourself.

Blog Action Day, is just one vehicle for that change, but it is a powerful concept: thousands of bloggers unite, for just one day, to talk about one issue. Will that change the world, just one day? Not immediately, but it in effect unites the blogging community. And once the community begins to unite, anything is possible.

We Feel Fine

feelbetter.pngThe “blogosphere” is filled of many things that make little sense. As a result, when I see something like We Feel Fine I get overjoyed.

We Feel Fine is a graphical way to explore the zeitgeist of the moment based on what bloggers have written about their lives. You can see what age groups is more concerned about what and if guys care more about love more than girls.

It’s a fantastic way to explore the emotions of the internet.

Blogs for Empowerment

Information technology can be used for more than spam and this is a perfect example. Blogs for African Women uses blogging to communicate ideas and share resources with women to empower them.

Nine young women, activists in non-governmental organisations or community programmes in Lagos, will come together online and face-to-face to gain technical skills in blogging, podcasting and wikis over the next six months. Networking for Success is geared towards women who are already looking for ways that technology can help their work, who want to reach out to other organisations and collaborate more effectively.


AgaselYou may have noticed a new name popping up around this site. Agasel has joined the team of volunteers that help spread good news around the world via this very website.

She brings with her a lot of knowledge of how traditional media functions and an interest in making the world a better place. Agasel is based in Vancouver, but looking for a more tropical climate to spend her life in that is conducive to her writing.

Agasel has already told us that we should do less homework and fashionable horseback riding.

You can get to know her personally at her blog.

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