Weather Doesn’t Matter Where There’s Good Bicycling Infrastructure

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People opposed to multiple transit solutions often argue that it’s not worth building bicycle lanes because nobody rides in the rain. They couldn’t be more wrong. A new study from Germany looked into the use of bikes during poor weather and found that places with good bicycling infrastructure had more cyclists during when it rains compared to cities without safe roads. Now we have scientific evidence that building bike lanes keep people on their bikes, so let’s build more of it!

Between cities and regions, not only cycling levels differ, but also the reactions of cyclists to adverse weather conditions. Using data from 122 automated bicycle counting stations in 30 German cities, and a composite index of adverse weather conditions that consists of air temperature, precipitation, wind speed, relative humidity, and cloud coverage, we calculate city-specific weather elasticities of the level of utilitarian cycling. The results show that these weather elasticities vary significantly between cities. Our next step is to analyze various determinants of weather elasticities, which reveals that the share of young inhabitants and the density of the cycle network have a positive impact on weather resilience. Based on the notion that resilience to adverse weather conditions reflects a revealed part of a city’s bicycle culture, the weather elasticities can be used to create a ranking of bicycle cities. This ranking is positively correlated with a ranking based on the modal share of cycling, as well as with other rankings based on stated preference surveys or external conditions such as infrastructure or cycling safety.

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The Bizarre Weather of 2014 Explained Using GIFs

BuzzFeed, of all places, as a great and simple way that explains why the weather of 2014 has been so extreme. In North America it has been more cold than the new “normal,” the UK has been hit hard by flooding, and in the South Pacific there has been above average rainfall. Crazy people think this is evidence that global warming (AKA climate change) isn’t happening. Those people clearly don’t live in reality. This awful weather is a result of something that’s been predicted for quite some time: the loss of power in the jet stream.

Why is this good news? Well, clearly this anthropogenic climate change isn’t good – but helping people understand what is going on and why is good news. Just look at these cute this climate gifs:

Thanks Buzzfeed!

The jet stream is a basically a long tube of fast-moving air, flowing west to east around the globe, several miles up in the atmosphere. There’s actually two parts of the jet stream that matter here – the Asia-Pacific jet stream (where it leaves Asia over Japan) and the North Atlantic jet stream, which runs up from the Americas in the general direction of Europe. Both have a huge influence over our weather – but when it’s operating normally, it generally means we get fairly standard winters.

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Bangladesh Bans Business Suits

Bangladesh has decided to change their dress code to reflect their local climate and save energy. By dressing for the weather it is expected that the country will consume less energy by using air conditioners. Wouldn’t it be grand if people dressed for the weather?

Read all about at the BBC.

Bangladesh’s official dress code has been rewritten – after Sheikh Hasina ordered government employees to do more to ease the country’s energy shortage.
Even ministers now will no longer be expected to wear suits and ties.
During the hot months between March and November, men have been ordered to wear trousers and shirts instead, and these do not have to be tucked in any more.
Officials and ministers have also been told not to turn their air-conditioners below 24C.
In June, the government introduced daylight saving, and the clocks moved forward by one hour, in another attempt to cut energy consumption.

Cloud Appreciation Society

20061106203238_img_1850marko.jpegI LOVE CLOUDS!

They are quite amazing and very often overlooked because we just see them day by day. And I looked into clouds and found there is something called the Cloud Appreciation Society and they have a great website full of amazing images of clouds, cloud art, cloud poetry and memorabilia!

Check it out!

Weather Network Explores Global Warming

For some bizarre reason some people refuse to realize that climate change, best known as global warming, is happening. Well, the Weather Network is sick of that ignorance and wants to change people’s approach to global warming. They want them to realize how climate change affects everyone, so they are making a show about climate change.

I think it’s great that the weather network is going to communicate the complexities of climate change to people.

“For the most part, the debate over global warming has taken place among politicians, scientists and activists. But it has not been a high priority for most Americans. Cullen hopes to change this. She wants people to understand that global warming is not an exotic issue and that it directly affects them.

“The climate is connected to energy, which is connected to population, which is connected to the economy,” Cullen said. “So I want each show to start with the science and then eventually lead you to your back yard.”

That approach makes a lot of sense.”

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