Green Roofs: The Bigger the Better

Every post this week has been about roofs, we looked at white, blue, and soy roofs. Let’s not forget about the classic green roof.

The classic green roof is tried and true with hundreds, if not thousands, of proven efficacy. Green roofs retain water, cool buildings, and improve the planet. When it comes to green roofs a new study has revealed that the bigger the installation the greater the effects a green roof has.

•Intensive green roofs achieve the greatest air temperature and PET reduction in the low-rise buildings.
•Green roofs reduce outdoor air temperature and buildings’ cooling energy above buildings up to 30 m height.
•Green roofs strongly reduce buildings’ cooling energy demand in the extremely dense built-up areas.
•Intensive green roofs attain the best impact on outdoor air temperature and buildings’ cooling energy demand reduction.
•Economic aspect favors the extensive green roofs usage to reduce cooling energy in the buildings.

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