Vegetarians are Happier than Meat Eaters

I’m a vegetarian and I think I’m pretty happy most of the time; I thought it was constantly sharing good news that made me happy, but it might be my diet.

If you still eat a lot of meat, you might want to reconsider your diet and get a little happier. đŸ™‚

The researchers found the vegetarians reported diets significantly lower in EPA and DHA, the omega-3 fatty acids that we get from eating fish, and which many studies have found are a key factor in improving both physical and mental health. So they expected to find the vegetarians would have higher incidences of issues like depression, anxiety, and mood problems. Instead, they found the opposite result. Vegetarians scored lower on depression tests and had better mood profiles than their fish- and meat-eating peers. “While dietary intake of EPA and DHA has an important role in brain function, we found no evidence that the absence of direct intake of these fatty acids in vegetarians adversely affects mood state,” the study reports. “These results challenge what is known about the link between dietary fats and brain function and suggest an unrecognized benefit of vegetarian diets.”

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7 thoughts on “Vegetarians are Happier than Meat Eaters

  1. hmm.. I think this ‘study’ is a bit flakey. I’m not a vegetarian, but I do think it is a better option. This report shows no concrete evidence of being a vegetarian improving your mental health; it just states some common sense: People who rely on less chemicals and crutches are generally happier to begin with. This is like saying you would expect drug abusers to be happier because they experience heightened senses of euphoria, however, the reason most abusers take drugs in the first place is to displace their unhappiness; much like eating.

  2. Well Vegetarian gets more benefits than meat eaters. It is a good diet, eating vegetables and fruits. I like your article, really convincing. Thanks for posting!

  3. In the Far East, people who are vegetarians are less prone to violence. They are found to be more calm and gentle. Could this be due to the reason that their bodies are more alkaline than acidic?

  4. When we take a look at meat-eating animals to plant-eating ones, the lions, tigers, crocodiles, etc… these are ferocious animals. You wont want to pat them. Whereas the goats, horses, camels and other plant-eating ones can be seen to be more likeable and toucheable. Likewise a meat-lover grizzly as compared to a plant-eater panda bear.

  5. If you want to stop animal abuse and reduce the damaging foot print left behind from raising live stock than the cost of meat must increase to reduce the amount purchased, increase the profit margin and encourage purer live stock for consumption.

  6. well, if you really want to be healthy, i believe that veggan foods are the best *,`

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