Vinegar – The Unstoppable Cleaning Agent

Vinegar has been mentioned on here before, but it’s always good to remind ourselves about the natural powers of vinegar. Today I bring you 30 uses for vinegar around the house.

In the garden/around the house

Kill grass and weeds: Pour or spray full-strength vinegar on grass or weeds poking through your driveway or rearing their heads in other unsavory places.

In the car

Frost-free windows: If you know a chilly night is on the way, you can ensure that your windows will be frost-free when you wake up in the morning. Simply mix three parts vinegar to one part water, and coat your windows with the mixture the night before.a

Kill Mold with Vinegar

About a year ago we looked at the greatness of vinegar to solve your problems, and now we have more news on how good vinegar is. Vinegar is great for getting rid of mold.

Instead of reaching for industrial bleach or the M2A1-7 flamethrower, try using white vinegar instead. Now, I know many of you are disappointed, hoping the flamethrower would be the first choice. Vinegar may not be as fun, but at least you will have a house to come home to. Restaurants have been effectively using vinegar, to clean cooking surfaces for years. If you need to get to surfaces not easily reached by wiping them down, try filling a spray bottle and saturate the area. Let it sit. 82% of the mold strains can be eliminated, by vinegar alone. For tougher mutant molds, try two teaspoons of tea tree oil and two cups of water. Again, the smell will be strong and can linger a few days, in addition to being toxic to animals. So, tea tree oil is the last resort, when you are wanting to fight molds, without using harsh chemicals.

Apple Cider Vinegar Can Solve Nearly Everything

We’ve covered the wonders of vinegar before, and thanks must go out to all the commenters that left their tips on use to vinegar.

Now I’ve found out that apple cider vinegar picks up where regular vinegar drops off. I’ve never heard of this stuff until recently. I wish I could get past the smell so I can enjoy all the health benefits. Here’s a collection of things you can use apple cider vinegar for. Add your wisdom to the comments!

One reader reported that a shot of ACV saved him from going to the emergency room for heart pain. Apple Cider Vinegar also breaks down fat and is widely used to lose weight. It has also been reported that a daily dose of apple cider vinegar in water has high blood pressure under control in two weeks!

Vinegar to Solve all Problems

Vinegar is one powerful cleaning agent, and one that can be sued for almost anything it seems. People ought to use vinegar instead of all those freaky chemical based cleaning solvents.

Here’s a list of the powers of vinegar:

– Clean the microwave by boiling a 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar until it steams up. Wipe clean.

– Add vinegar to a hand-pump compressed-air sprayer to kill weeds and grass growing in crevices in a patio and walkways.

– Make any dried bean dish less gassy or stinky by adding 1/4 cup vinegar to the soaking water.

– Make catsup and other condiments last longer when the bottle is almost empty by adding a little vinegar and shaking.

– Spread a cloth soaked in vinegar over a price tag you want to remove and leave overnight.

– Get rid of fruit flies by setting out a small dish of vinegar—it will attract and drown them.

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