Church: God Cares About the Environment

The Church of England has deemed it good religious policy to protect the environment. I hope those SUV driving religious people are reading this post. I digress. The Church is calling their environment-protecting campaign “Shrinking the Footprint,” a noble cause indeed.

“The current climate change situation is such that it will be a long walk – simply to restore the world’s balance we need to cut carbon emissions worldwide by 60% of current levels by 2050. Not only is this a daunting goal but its end lies at least two generations in the future. The results of our actions will only be felt by our children and grandchildren. For individuals and institutions alike, taking action (however simple and obvious that action may seem) and sustaining it will require considerable effort.”

You too can lower the impact you have on the environment, check out My Foot Print and Carbon Footprint.

Scientists Study the Mushroom Trip

Psilocybe MushroomsIn a scientific study reminiscent of 1960’s era experimentation, researchers are delving into the effects of psylocibe mushrooms on human consciousness, the CBC reports.

The research has shown more clearly than any previous research that psilocybin produces mystical experiences in the user. 36 volunteers were tested in this modern scientific experiment, and months later they reported lasting changes in behavior as a result of the experience.

The scientists are hopeful that more research into this area will help people to deal with a number of problems such as emotional trauma and addiction.

The researchers advise against experimenting on one’s own with the drugs, as they can lead to extremely frightening experiences.

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