A Nice Day for a Green Wedding

Weddings are a big event for some people and these big events can have big effects on the environment. Luckily there are ways to have an eco-friendly wedding!

Most people spend more on a wedding than they will spend on any one thing besides a car or a house. Talk about using your dollars to make a difference! Having a green wedding will definitely send a message to suppliers that we want better, more responsible ways to live.

French Kissing

Last week France, land of the French Kiss, fell far short of beating the current Guinness World Records holder for Most Kissers At Once.

At the Guinness World Records’ sponsored event, in Paris, 1,188 people showed up for simultaneous kissing.  (I know, you’re thinking, “Best. Date. Ever.”) Unfortunately, they failed to beat Budapest’s impressive 2005 record of 11,570 kissers.kissers.jpg

Some Parisians blame the location chosen for the event: La Defense, a modernist business park on the west edge of Paris.  It’s been suggested that a better known, and perhaps more inspiring spot, would have been the Eiffel Tower.

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