Improve Your Fitness by Being Simple

Unsurprisingly being fit and staying fit is easy for some people and not so easy for others. If you are finding it difficult to maintain a healthy body because you don’t have access to proper equipment there is no reason you can’t work out minimally. Zen Habits has an article on how to have a minimalist workout.

It takes no equipment to get a great workout and get in shape, and with one or two pieces of simple equipment, you can turn that great workout into a fantastic one, you magnificent beast, you.
And with little or no equipment required for a fantastic workout, you can do it at home, or wherever you are. Even if you’re in solitary confinement.
It’s hard not to find time for this type of workout — you can do it while watching TV, for goodness sake!

Not into working out for your fitness? Well there are other things that you can do, in fact 25 things you can do to improve your health.

11. Get friends that live healthy
The ongoing interaction with people who have the health you desire will be a positive influence on you. It is far easier to make the transition to healthy living when you have the social support.

12. Find healthy foods you enjoy
Just because you are eating healthy does not mean you need to suffer eating foods you hate. Look for healthy foods you enjoy and eat them more often. Find recipes online that are both healthy and enjoyable.

13. Take your lunch to work
Not only will brown bagging your lunch save you some money, it will help you avoid eating unhealthy foods for lunch. Take the extra time to make your lunch in the morning or make extra for dinner and eat the leftovers.

Anger is a Myth

Alright, the title is a little misleading, but it’s close. People approach anger in different ways, some “blow off steam” while others will meditate. What’s the best option? I have no clear idea, but the good news is that one blogger explores some myths about anger.

Myth 1: Anger and aggression are natural for humans

The idea that humans are born with a basic instinct for anger and aggression has been used to explain just about everything from marital arguments to global warfare.

Although this way of thinking makes some sense, it has one major flaw.

Successful evolution has been based on cooperation, not destructive conflict and aggression. Even primates fight in an organized manner.

Don’t Make Your Bed

To protect your health, it’s best not to make your bed.

Research suggests that while an unmade bed may look scruffy it is also unappealing to house dust mites thought to cause asthma and other allergies.

A Kingston University study discovered the bugs cannot survive in the warm, dry conditions found in an unmade bed.

The average bed could be home to up to 1.5 million house dust mites.

Small Town Fights Big Smoke

Smoking is clearly bad for your health, and it’s bad for the people who happen to be around a smoker too. A small town in Nova Scotia, Canada has made it illegal to smoke while in a car that is transporting children. Wolfville is a community that is turning out to be one of the more progressive ones in Canada, and all the more power to them in their ongoing adventure to make the world better!

Meg McCallum, a spokeswoman for the cancer agency, said the bylaw is part of a societal shift that began years ago when similar bans were placed on airplanes, followed by workplaces, restaurants and bars across much of Canada.

“It’s all about what’s best for children and youth,” she said from Halifax. “This is part of evolving to a culture where being tobacco-free is the norm.”

The law, expected to come into effect June 1, 2008, would prohibit exposing children under 18 to secondhand smoke in a vehicle.

Increase Happiness While Saving the Environment

Some blogger has put together a list of ways to improve your life and the environment by making minor changes in your life. Basically, stop letting other people and things (like work, technology, and other more modern annoyances) get in the way of you enjoying life. Live life to its fullest and you can help the environment. Sounds easy!

I understand our lives can be hectic, so if you can’t turn all of these things off on the same day, try to do as many as possible and spread them out if you have to. Just do them once a week. If you can do it more often, then great, you’re going to be that much happier.

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