Faster and Greener Flying

Not only is the proposed A2 aircraft fast (really fast! London to Sydney in 5 hours), it would be one of the greenest in the sky!
Perhaps this plane will even land at the green airports.

Because it is fuelled by liquid hydrogen, the aircraft only produces water vapour and nitrous oxide as exhaust and has a negligible carbon footprint.

Despite its length, the aircraft will also be able to land on current international airport runways.

Mr Bond, managing director of Reaction Engines Ltd, said that from a standing start and with the requisite political will, the plane could be flying commercially within 15 years.

One thought on “Faster and Greener Flying

  1. Unfortunately, that’s not entirely true. Hydrogen is just a means of energy storage. The CO2 is produced wherever you actually generate that energy. No doubt fossil fuel energy is used to make the hydrogen, so there is still a carbon footprint.

    On the up side, this means that, if our energy economy ever did switch to renewables, everything hydrogen-powered would effectively lose its carbon footprint with no extra effort.

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