Virgin Trains Introduces First European Biodiesel Train

thanks google!Sir Richard Branson owns a lot of companies and he has previously mentioned that he wants to fight climate change and cut back on emissions. It appears that he’s sticking to his word as Virgin Trains is running a biodiesel train in Europe and plans to switch more trains to biodiesel if this test run goes well.

If running biodiesel isn’t enough, the trains also produce energy!

From their press release:

In addition to the environmental benefits of the Voyager trial, Virgin’s Pendolino electric trains return 17 percent of the power they use to the national grid every time they brake, making the Pendolino fleet one of the most efficient in the world. Over the course of a year this is enough to power 11,825 homes. These trains emit 76 percent less CO2 than cars or domestic flights.

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