A Knight Funds War (on Carbon Emissions)

That odd billoniare Sir Richard Branson has decided to fight carbon emissions while sending spaceships to space and air planes to air. Branson has made millions off of air travel (the worst way to travel environmentally speaking) and other things and now he wants to use those millions to help all of us.

Sir Richard Branson brought his talent for publicity to bear on climate change yesterday, offering a $25m (£13m) prize to anyone who invents an economical way of removing carbon from the atmosphere.

The Virgin group chairman said: “We have no super-hero. We have only our own ingenuity to fall back on.”

The CBC has a news clip on the story (direct link to WMV file).

2 thoughts on “A Knight Funds War (on Carbon Emissions)

  1. Removing CO2 makes little sense if we’re going to continue to
    pump it into the admosphere at the current rate. I would propose
    that we tax those who pollute, and use those funds to promote
    clean alternatives, like solar, wind, hydro, etc. I’ve installed
    solar PV, and a bio-fueled stove in my home, and I encourage others
    to do the same via my blog: http://solarjohn.blogspot.com

    So there you go Richard. I’ll be waiting for my check.

  2. I’ve reduced my fossil fuel consumption and look forward to the purchase of a plug-in-vehicle. I’ve added to my solar photovoltaic system, and continue to use my bio-fueled stove. Sadly, I still have not received my check from Richard Branson! It’s been one year, what gives?

    J. Dallas (Solar John)

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