Play Games to Fight Laziness

According to an article by the BBC video games are being used to help lazy eyes. They use virtual reality to make one eye (the weaker, lazier one) work a lot harder than the other (stronger) eye.

Having a lazy eye, I can tell you that I’m excited about this since it apparently shows great improvement from an hour of use. I can’t wait until my optometrists says “I prescribe you FUN!”

Kyoto of Conservation

Internalizing all environment costs into financial terms and developing markets akin to Kyoto is not the preffered solution for many people; but for business its the preffered if not only acceptable option. All future trends point towards this practice increasing. The next major sector after Kyoto is conservation and biodiversity.

Biodiversity conservation markets are still at the conceptual stage and International Finance Corp. officials met industry leaders in Brazil this week to brainstorm on how to make the leap from direct project financing to market-driven incentives.

Home Depot Wood

For years environmentalists have blasted the Home Depot’s wood buying practices, especially after numerous fiascos involving clear cut wood labelled “Green.” But with a $380,000 over two years grant to the Forest Stewardship Council to develop a global forestry registry, Home Depot hopes to help it and other companies ensure they purchase wood that is harvested in a responsible manner.

Feathers Fly In Vancouver!

Yesturday a giant pillowfight broke out in Vancouver at Robson Square. Over a hundred people gathered as feathers flew and folks beat the living daylights out of each other with pillows. People were laughing hysterically, pummeling strangers and pillows were exploding all over the place causing white fluff to fly absolutely everywhere. By the end of about a 30 minute fiasco there were nearly 2 inches of feathers covering the sidewalk. I heard a bystander ask “Who’s gunna clean up this mess?” to which someone shouted back “thats what we pay taxes for!!” Obviously no-one was taking themselves too seriously at this event.

The details were posted days earlier on a site called which has events like these posted for various locations in North America and beyond. As a spectator of the giant pillowfight I have to declare that random acts of FUN such as these are really quite spectacular. A great way for a city to lighten up a little and just have some ridiculous good times.

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