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protest!Ever wanted to tell people what you think but can’t find the time to fit into your busy schedule? I know I have! Well, we’re in luck because a group of artists have created quick and painless demos in the heart of the Old Empire (you know, the one that the sun never sets in). Introducing McDemos:

Ever wanted to bring capitalism crashing down but can’t get time off work to do it?

Wanna force liberal parliamentary democracy to bow it’s corpulent head in shame but have to take the car into the garage AND do the shopping?

Do you get the urge to jab John Prescott with a stick till he cries like a fat girl but can’t find a stick?

Then McDemo’s is for you, we’ll find the stick and do the jabbing! Let us demonstrate for you!

In this busy 24/7 world you often don’t get the time to make your voice heard, so isn’t it about time you contracted your protesting needs out?

We’ll ruin multinationals while you relax with a cocktail by the pool. We’ll force MPs from office while you catch up with Desperate Housewives on E4. Let us demonstrate for you!

List of Good Halloween Sites

It seems that Sean over at Mashable has gotten disapointed about how halloween has been celebrated recently and wants to revive the fun in the day. In order to reinvigorate Halloween he’s collected list of more than 20 Halloween websites.

Halloween has gotten a bum rap for a lot of years in the United States as being about evil. In truth, it was originally about celebrating the fall harvest. Either way, Halloween is gaining in popularity again, and with it being on a Wednesday this year, that means you can use the weekend before and after for your celebrations! We’re gathered together 20+ sites to help you make the most of your Halloween night and coming parties.

I haven’t looked at the sites yet, but I like his attitude.

Green Concerts Rocks Your Socks

Here in the province of Ontario there’s the Hillside Festival, and it has been the greenest event I’ve ever been to (their website shows that they have tons of energy). Going to a place to hear great music, exchange great ideas, and help the environement while doing it is more fun than it sounds πŸ˜‰

The idea of running a green concert has caught on and now a company, Sustainable Waves is helping to make sure that the (green) band keeps playing.

But can the green message be at odds with a rock extravaganza? Festival organizers know that outdoor concerts leave a big footprint, and they’ve worked hard to reduce Echo’s impact. Electricity for sound and lights at one of the five stages will be provided by an array of solar panels; generators at other stages will run on bio-diesel fuel.

Even the temporary fencing around some stages and tents will be built out of an Earth-friendly product β€” in this case fast-growing bamboo harvested by Franklin of the nonprofit enviro group Change of Atmosphere.

A fraction of the price of each ticket will be contributed to a tree-planting project, and, for an extra $4, patrons can buy green tickets that pay for “carbon offsets” elsewhere β€” an investment in 500 kilowatt-hours of renewable energy, such as wind energy.

Sim “Climate Change” City

Sim shot
Video games often get a bad rap in our society so it is rather refreshing to see that the next Sim City game will have more of an environmental conscious. The next version of the game will include global warming as an effect of what the player chooses to do:

The game does not force players to power their cities any specific way, but allows them to make choices, each of which come with advantages and disadvantages. Similar to real-life, the least expensive and most readily-available buildings in SimCity Societies are also the biggest producers of carbon dioxide, an invisible gas that contributes to global warming. Should players choose to build cities dependent on these types of sources for power to conserve their in-game money, their carbon ratings will rise and, at reaching critical levels, the game will issue alerts about the threat of the various natural disasters like droughts, heat waves and others that may strike their cities.

Via BoingBoing

Webby Connect

Today I’m be heading to the Webby Connect conference. TakingITGlobal is sending me to represent The Digital Divide Network, two very good things I must say (but of course I’m bias). I’m going there to learn and meet some pretty smart people so I’m very very excited!

I’ll try to cross-post my blogging of Webby Connect here, but you can follow all of it at my blog at the Digital Divide Network.

I’ll try to keep all the good news coming, so if you have some good news you want to share feel free to email me or (if you know wordpress) signup and write an entry yourself.

My email is my first name

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