Where are my legs?

water toyWe all know that kids like having fun and we know that there is a thing called the environment. Finally someone has combined fun on the beach with cleaning up the environment.

This toy is designed to be attached to improperly disposed of water bottles and use those bottle as a floatation device. Kids can run around on the beach while cleaning it up all for fun!

Via the Swiss Miss.

Find Meaningful Work

This is kinda obscure and not a clear how-to guide or anything of the sort. The Tyee, which I’ve started to read on a semi-regular basis, has a post about a 22 year old who has no idea what he’s doing with his life. I’m still doing that and I’m older (but not by much). I just know what I won’t do, and yes I acknowledge to even be in such a position is huge privilege.

This fellow is more active than I am though:

My name is Sean Aiken and like many others in my generation, I can’t tell you what it is that I want to do with my life. Help me figure it out by offering me a One Week Job. I am travelling throughout North America working a different job each week. All my wages are donated to the Make Poverty History/ONE Campaign.” (At the time of posting, $8,431.60 has been raised).

How to Keep Healthy Relationships

Relationships require at least two participants, and each member has a role to play within that relationship. I’m not just talking about girl/boyfriend relationships here, I’m talking about all kinds of relationships from friendly to professional to loving. The nice blog, Water Cooler Wisdom has an article on how to ensure a long-lasting and enjoyable relationship.

The key point: be good and pull your weight.

Workplace friendships in particular can develop into some of the most meaningful relationships in your life, but you have to be willing to put in a little effort beyond just saying hello in the hall or eating lunch together in the cafeteria. If you decide it’s not worth it to you, that’s fine, but if it is, don’t let relationship laziness get the better of you.

Fatworld is a Socially Aware and Awkward Video Game

fattyIan Bogost makes games, but not just any game – he makes games that try to raise awareness about how messed up North American society is. His next game is called Fatworld and Wired has the info on this impending game of fatness.

Remember you are what you eat, not what you play.

In his latest, Fatworld, players navigate a consumer paradise (A), rule their own empire of restaurants and convenience stores (B), and enjoy food allergies, diabetes, heart disease, and death (C).

You can play his early game Airport Security to get a taste of what kind of social commentary to expect.

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