Watch Sustainability Illustrated

Alex Magnin is an illustrator who likes making the world a better place and over the last six months he’s been illustrating sustainability. The video above is about explaining sustainability with science and is a good example of what the sort of videos he illustrates. The videos are 4-7 minuets in length and make for a good quick and informative break.

I have been working as a sustainability advisor for almost 10 years (with the international non-profit The Natural Step) and have seen first-hand the power of innovative sustainability practices to transform lives, businesses, and communities for the better.
As an artist and an illustrator, I have also witnessed the power of illustrations and multimedia to help people understand and learn more effectively. So I decided to combine my skills and share, through animated illustration, what I have learned about sustainability over years of helping businesses and communities become more successful, sustainable, and resilient.

Read more here.
Watch all the videos here.

Steal Ideas

The 21st century has yet to come to terms with a good way to ensure that ideas spread, shared, and plentiful. In the developed world good ideas can get pushed aside because of copyright, DRM, and intellectual property laws. Let’s change this. One group of people (who I think are a marketing company) are just giving away all their ideas for free.

In the future

It’s one thing to come up with a good idea, but remember, it’s even better if you try out your idea in the real world.

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