Branson Takes On Global Warming

the future of coolRichard Branson has joined the fight to reduce global warming. Branson has pledged $3 billion over the next decade. The funds will be used to promote and develop alternate sources of energy. The announcement was made at the Clinton Global Initiative, a conference put together by the former president to fight global warming and help clean up the environment. The conference is attended by political, non profit and business leaders. This year’s conference has been far more successful than anticipated. Last year’s conference generated a total of $2.5 Billion in revenue directed at combating global warming; this year’s pledges already stand at $5.7 billion with 114 contributors. The ever charismatic Branson said he hopes the funds will help to preserve the environment for future generations.

Israel to Pull Troops From Lebanon

Israel has agreed to withdraw it’s troops from Lebanon by the weekend. About 80 percent of the Israeli force has already left after the 34 day war with a Lebanese Hizbollah guerilla group, but Lieutenant-General Dan Halutz said that Israel wanted the troops home by Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) which begins on Friday. The French have also deployed their peace keeping force, increasing the number of troops to 4950. The UN feels that a force of 5 000 is sufficient to enforce the August 14 truce between the two countries. The peace keeping force will aid the 10 000 Lebanese troops already deployed in Southern Lebanon.

Dell Commits to Clean Up


Ever wondered what happened to the old computers bits and mobile phones you threw out? Each year tons of discarded technology quietly disintegrates in landfills or gets melted down, releasing toxins and chemicals into the environment. After a two year campaign by Greenpeace, several companies have agreed to remove the chemical content of their hardware. These companies include the likes of HP, LGE, Nokia, Samsung, Sony and Sony Ericsson and now Dell has joined this list of environmentally conscious hardware providers.

By removing toxic chemicals, these companies make their hardware easier to recycle and take responsibility for the impact their products have on the environment.

A recent survey showed that most consumers would be prepared to pay more for computers that were chemical free and had no negative impact on the environment. Hopefully, the bigger names missing from the list will pay attention and endeavour to meet the needs of consumers by providing environmentally responsible hardware.

Safer Driving Rules For Kids

On Monday, a new traffic law will force Londoners to buckle up their children or face stiff penalties. From September 18, all children under four foot five inches (about 135 cm) must be secured in a car seat or booster seat. Those who ignore this rule will face a mandatory traffic fine of £30 to £500 (if referred to court.) Although many parents strap their children in, many do so incorrectly and allow the children to use adult seat belts before they are big enough to do so. Air bags can also cause serious injury to children who are strapped into car seats in the front passenger seat. “Most people make sure that children use some kind of restraint when travelling on the road, but it is vitally important to use the right one; and not to use an adult belt before the child is big enough,” said Transport Minister Stephen Ladyman. The move aims to reduce the high number of serious injuries and deaths caused by improper restraints each year.

Madrid Fashion Week Projects Image of Health & Beauty

Its Fashion week in Madrid, but many of the models will be heading home rather than down the catwalk as organizers say they are too thin.

Although it provoked outrage in the modeling community, regional government organizes and sponsors of this international event say this year they want to portray an image of health and beauty rather than Heroine Chic. Organizers say they have a responsibility to project healthy body images and fear that waif-like models may negatively influence young girls. Said event organizer Concha Guerra: “Fashion is a mirror and many teenagers imitate what they see on the catwalk.”

Models are measured using the Body Mass Index, taking into account height and body type. Organizers of a similar event in Italy have vowed to continue the trend.

Carla also wrote in to tell us the fashion show was also mentioned on the CBC.

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