China is Getting Serious about Climate Change

China rightfully gets a lot of flak for its environmental policies; they are listening and acting on received criticism. Previously we noted that China started to close coal plants and that there is increased concern about climate change in the country. Over at Grist magazine they have catalogued seven ways which show China’s efforts in greening itself. Every little bit helps and at the scale of China’s economy little things go a long way.

— Cleaning up cars and trucks. China is the largest car market in the world. Cutting pollution from automobiles, like cutting pollution from coal plants, is essential not just to reducing CO2 emissions but to clearing the air in cities: The government estimates that roughly one-third of Beijing’s epic smog is from automobiles. China is pulling old, inefficient cars off the road, providing incentives for buying hybrids and electric cars, and enforcing stricter fuel-efficiency standards for new cars.

— Making buildings more energy efficient. Two years ago, China started issuing requirements for buildings to be given energy-efficiency upgrades. The energy savings are just beginning to be felt, but given that buildings can last for decades or even centuries, there could be a long payoff period.

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One thought on “China is Getting Serious about Climate Change

  1. I have to wonder if all the carbon emissions are actually “Chinese”. If Apple, or Nike decides to close a plant (or perhaps never even had one) in say, the US, and moved production or bases all its production in China, reaps the profits, exports most of the product back to the west, how much of the carbon emissions and waste should actually be tagged as Chinese? Isn’t is Apple’s? or Nike’s? or if we buy the product, our own?

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