Sustainable Bus Shelter

Waiting for the bus is not the most exciting thing to do in the world, but it is a very necessary one. (And let’s face it waiting for a bus and reading a book is better than starring at a license plate in front of you during a traffic jam.) Designer Tiffany Roddis has come up with a bus shelter that is better than most and is also good for the environment.
Bus shelter

The stylish new eco friendly bus stop will attract new tourists and new custom to lower pollution from existing car owners. The frustration of late buses and complicated timetables can now be reassured by the new colour coded main head-stream. It’s easy-read route finder can accommodate everyone, comforting users that they can arrive to work, school or general destinations on-time by guaranteed GPS signals.

Here’s Tiffany’s project page.

One thought on “Sustainable Bus Shelter

  1. Make sure that they can withstand a collision from a car; I’ve seen that happen a few times, and people have been killed. Also – make them vandal-proof. In Calgary we often see shattered glass from the bus stops – gets expensive I’m sure. Also, make sure there’s a phone for 911 in case of an attack, illness etc.

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