Canada Can be Powered only by Geothermal Energy

Geothermal power is yet another proven sustainable source of energy, indeed Iceland’s geothermal production accounts for 99% of their energy production. Researchers in Canada have concluded that there is enough geothermal potential in Canada to power the country solely by geothermal power a million times over!

One of the main advantages of geothermal is that it is available 24 hours, unlike wind and solar, which face intermittency issues.

British Columbia, Alberta, the Yukon and Northwest Territories are the areas where the heat exists closer to the surface, but there are geothermal energy opportunities all over Canada. The researchers estimate that 100 projects would meet the country’s energy needs.

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2 thoughts on “Canada Can be Powered only by Geothermal Energy

  1. Great article, but I have to take issue with the statement “The logistics involved are quite daunting: wells must be drilled miles into the earth to bring heat to the surface.” Since our friends in the oil industry have can drill 10km deep now.

    So, in the words of Sarah Palin, “Drill Baby, Drill” for geothermal.

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