Bottle Water Sales Decreasing

The Washington Post has some good news that’s worth noting: sales of bottle water are not faring well in the current economy. This is fantastic news for the environment as bottled water is a huge drain on resources (just think about the distance a bottle of water needs to travel compared to water from your tap).

According to Food & Water Watch, more than 17 million barrels of oil — enough to fuel 1 million cars for a year– are needed to produce the plastic water bottles sold in the United States annually. And about 86 percent of the empty bottles get thrown into the trash rather than recycled. Beverage companies have responded through recycling initiatives and purchasing carbon offsets.

Hauter said she has worked on water issues for about a decade but that the movement took off about three years ago. The group fans out to festivals and other public events pouring water for attendees into corn-based, biodegradable cups or metal containers bearing the name of its campaign, “Take Back the Tap.”

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