EU Researching Green Planes

First off, sorry about all the posts on green airports and the overall greening of planes. The reason I post so much about it is because the primary reason I’m not jet-setting around the world is because of all the harm that flying does. Envirionmnetally friendly flying machines will allow me to see more of this neat-o planet.

So here’s some more good news on flying: the EU will invest 2.5 billion Euros into research and development of greener, leaner, air-focused transportation systems.

The thing that gets me most exicted is that the companies involved in the research have to share their findings, allowing for more innovation to happen!

Participating aerospace firms are agreeing to share their research, which should create a valuable exchange of innovative solutions. Among the ideas being explored are engines that use alternative fuels and more efficient engines to conserve fuel. Also being explored are technologies to make aircraft less noisy. This both helps to reduce noise pollution around airports, a frequent urban problem, and provides passengers with a quieter, more relaxing ride.

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