FAA Plans to Green Planes

Air travel is fast! It can get you around the world very quickly and it also destroys our atmosphere quickly too – and this is why the FAA wants to make planes more efficient. The FAA appears to be taking a well-rounded approach. Airports can be designed to handle planes more efficiently, like towing planes places opposed to having the plane burn fuel to taxi. There are advancements that can be made in air traffic control as well. What I find most interesting is that the FAA is looking to test fuels that are nicer to the air

The FAA Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative, CAAFI , has two studies under way to develop a national roadmap on the viability of alternative fuels for aviation. The first study looks at feasibility, costs, barriers and technical issues. It’s going to answer the key questions that you need to get out of the way before taking big steps. The second study will take a look at the environmental benefits.

The recent announcement from the FAA comes one week after The Economist wrote on how planes can, should, and are becoming more efficient.

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