More Smoking Bans in Canada

Last month a small town in Nova Scotia banned smoking in cars with children passengers. Last year we mentioned that Quebec and Ontario are nearly smoke-free.

It’s great to see how all these places are limiting where one can smoke as second hand smoke, and smoking itself, is harmful. Now New Brunswick is jumping on the no smoking in cars bandwagon with more provinces to follow.

Michael Murphy, [New Brunswick’s] health minister, told CTV Halifax that he’s concerned that the tobacco industry is targeting kids. He also said that New Brunswick residents may want to consider the possibility of a smoking ban in cars with kids.

British Columbia and the Yukon are considering similar legislation. Ontario politicians have also started to debate vehicle smoking bans.

Studies show that the concentration of toxins in a smoke-filled car is 23 times greater than a smoky bar. Yet, one in five children are exposed to smoke in a car on a regular basis.

5 thoughts on “More Smoking Bans in Canada

  1. Concentration of toxins are 23 times greater than a smoky bar, studies show. Well, if you smoke in a car with the windows up tight it may get worse than that. BUT if you put your hand out and lower a window an inch, every trace of smoke and smell is sucked out the window instantly.

    So the purpose of this abysmal BS is to serve as a precursor for banning smoking in the private home.Tobacco Nazis are quite ambitious, because this tyranny means cops invading EVERY home sniffing and looking for ashtrays. Will the public put up with it?
    Of course they will. Being smoke free will be a badge of honor–like passing a useless car inspection.

  2. Mr. Camel,
    I think the point of the car ban is to protect children (who aren’t in a position to make decisions and have the ability to act on them), the bans do not impact a sole occupant of a vehicles smoking.

  3. Alberta finally passed a comprehensive smoking ban in public and work places, banned tobacco sales from pharmacies and educcational institutions.

  4. Alberta finally passed a comprehensive smoking ban in public and work places, banned tobacco sales from pharmacies and educational institutions.

  5. Many cigarette smokers, like “Joe Camel”, don’t realize that they are their own worst enemies. If cigarette smokers as a whole keep their nuisance more responsible and discreet, no one would complain that much. Cigarette smokers have “the smoke wherever I like attitude” intruding upon others of any stripe. They are always flicking butts everywhere outside of entrances to houses and stores, inside bus shelters, and inside buildings as if every place is their butt tray. It is absolutely disgusting. To add insult to injury, when somebody decides to fight back, a natural thing to do since cigarette smokers feel they have a right to walk over other people just so they can get a fix, then cigarette smokers whine against the protesters as being “Tobacco Nazis” — talk about absurd reactions of obtrusive drug addicts grasping for straws. I just can’t believe that cigarette manufactures aren’t yet sued to bankruptcy or stopped by the populace! That intimates to how strong cigarette addiction really is — many people that are responsible for the health of the population are addicts themselves. This weakens our government. Someone has to come up with a better way for the addict to satisfy his/her nicotine habit without contributing to pulic menace that cigarette companies perpetuate.

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