Ugandans Return To Peace Talks

Ugandan rebels have agreed to return to peace talks to end the country’s 19 year civil war. The Lord’s Resistance Army left talks recently after they claimed the army was surrounding neutral assembly points where the rebel forces had gathered. The army claimed they had done so after the rebel groups had began to leave the assembly points after a commitment to remain at the points until an agreement had been reached.

The two forces have been involved in one of Africa’s longest wars, both accusing the other of atrocities. The LRA, led by Joseph Kony, has long been supported by Sudan, causing the government to cut ties with this country.

The talks got back on track after rebels returned to the neutral assembly points and military convoys retreated. Said Martin Ojul, head of the rebel group; “The peace talks are on course, and we hope that we will come out with a solution.”

*Artist Spotlight*

adi.JPGOur artist spotlight this month is Toronto’s Adi Zeharia. Adi is attaining her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Ontario College of Art and Design this year. Through her acceptional talent she has been awarded several scholarships and her work has been seen in over 7 exhibitions over the past three years. Adi has created her own unique style by breaking up forms into shapes, to be both of aesthetic interest to and to create a playful atmosphere. Her work is colorful and ethereal and is laced with intriguing whimsical qualities.

In some of her most recent work she is exploring the concept of how our society views death. Adi looks at a connection with animals and nature to explore how we might find a more peaceful relationship to our own finite nature.

“In the West (or in an urban envirionment) it feels like there’s a societal denial of that relationship, and maybe people would make better choices in life, if they formed stronger understandings of their deaths…. maybe thats why having a relationship with nature makes people feel more alive, because nowhere is death more evident…”

You can view Adi’s collection of work here.

NYC Garbage Cube

A lot of people’s garbage is another man’s, er, art.

An artist in New York City scours the streets looking for dropped metrocards, gum wrappers, coffee cups, etc. until he creates the perfect mixture. He then encases the rubbish in a glass cube that you can purchase NYC garbage over the internet.

Highlights include garbage from the Republican National Convention!

You can also see where NYC garbage has been exported to in cube form on his map.

International Volleyball

from Along the increasingly militarized USA-Mexico border some people are having fun. They play an volleyball using the wall that defines the border as the net! It attracts spectators and a good time is had by all.

All this activity finally brings down the hammer of the border patrol, and a jeep shows up to separate us. The officer is friendly but firm. He’s just come on shift and has no idea we’ve been playing volleyball over the fence for the past hour.


He tells us that a daredevil launched himself across the border in a cannon a while back, but that ours was, in fact, the first-ever game of international border volleyball.

“And it worked over that tall fence?”

“Yup,” we say. “We’re up for one more round if you want to play.”

“No, man,” the officer says. “I’m on duty.”

BA Flight Makes Unexpected Delivery

A BA flight from London to Boston made a rather unexpected delivery yesterday as one of its passengers gave birth to a healthy baby mid-flight.

Shortly after take off on Saturday night, one of the BA flight’s female passengers began to experience discomfort and then went into labour. The crew, trained in medical birthing procedures, helped to deliver the baby with the aid of two medical students who were on board.

The flight was diverted to Halifax in Nova Scotia where the woman and baby were taken to a medical centre. The baby was born 6 weeks premature.
Although flight crews are trained to deal with such eventualities, passengers are encouraged to avoid flying after 36 weeks, making this a rare occurrence.

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