Weather Network Explores Global Warming

For some bizarre reason some people refuse to realize that climate change, best known as global warming, is happening. Well, the Weather Network is sick of that ignorance and wants to change people’s approach to global warming. They want them to realize how climate change affects everyone, so they are making a show about climate change.

I think it’s great that the weather network is going to communicate the complexities of climate change to people.

“For the most part, the debate over global warming has taken place among politicians, scientists and activists. But it has not been a high priority for most Americans. Cullen hopes to change this. She wants people to understand that global warming is not an exotic issue and that it directly affects them.

“The climate is connected to energy, which is connected to population, which is connected to the economy,” Cullen said. “So I want each show to start with the science and then eventually lead you to your back yard.”

That approach makes a lot of sense.”

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