Renewable Energy Gaining Capital

The renewable energy sector is attracting a lot of investment recently, which is great to hear. This is good news because the forces of capitalism are working in favour of our environment. Here’s some great examples of all this renewed interest in renewable energy.

Great new technological development in solar power:

“CA-based Nanosolar had raised $100 million to finance a new solar-cell factory based on an inexpensive process, similar to that used to print newspapers, and that it will make enough cells to produce 430 megawatts of power annually, is just one sign that new types of solar power are emerging as a viable alternative energy source.”

Wind power is generating interest:

“The report says wind power is the world’s fastest-growing energy source with an average annual growth rate of 29 percent over the last ten years. In contrast, over the same time period, coal use has grown by 2.5 percent per year, nuclear power by 1.8 percent, natural gas by 2.5 percent, and oil by 1.7 percent. ”

There is more evidence that switching from non-renwable energy to renewable energy will help create jobs:

Tackling the green challenge can create Welsh jobs

2006 is looking to be a great year for improved energy technologies.

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