Urban Etiquette Handbook

Being proper in an urban setting is not that hard, but it’s always fun to have a guide to see if you are doing it “right.” The New York Metro has released an Urban Etiquette Handbook. What better city than New York to write a guide like this considering they are the most polite?

The basics of the list:
(1) No raking women with your eyes; glance quickly and respectfully.
(2) Offer to share a taxi rather than fight over it.
(3) Babies in strollers get right-of-way—until they abuse it.
(4) Still no ogling girls—c’mon!
(5) And skateboarding, are you kidding me?
(6) Not everybody loves your dog as much as you do.
(7) No bicycling on the sidewalk unless under the age of 6.
(8) Pedestrians can die of secondhand smoke, too”

2 thoughts on “Urban Etiquette Handbook

  1. what’s wrong with skateboarding? Does the author think that by posting a list that they can take on the entire population of skateboarders? the arrogance!

  2. I think the author was talking about skateboarding on the sidewalk on a busy street. For the same reason people shouldn’t ride bikes on the sidewalk.

    I could be wrong, I didn’t read the entire article.

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