Students Go Green

TD Bank has historically had issues with the environment, today they are starting to reverse that attitude. Indeed, they are now encouraging students in Canada to come up with ideas on how to be more green.

TD has announced the Go Green Challenge that will have students submit videos on ways to respect the environment. Students who submit their ideas have the chance to win cash to help turn their idea into action.

Let’s hope TD starts encouraging green investments amongst its customers too!

How the TD Go Green Challenge works:

Teams of two to four students from the same school are invited to submit a short video that explains a sustainability challenge facing their university or college and how they would address it.

A panel of judges, including singer-songwriter Sarah Harmer, will select the top three teams based on their proposed on-campus environmental initiatives.

The TD Go Green Challenge is open to all legal residents of Canada who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program, full or part-time, at an approved Canadian college or university.

Read their press release

A Reflection of Your Water Consumption

A designer has created a nifty concept to show people how much water they use while they are in the washroom. A mirror visualizes how much water you are using thanks to LEDs and RFID technology so that while you are washing/looking at your face you can see your water consumption.

Designer Jin Kim’s idea is that the mirror breaks down daily, monthly and annual use of water. As you use too much water, there’s a control in the mirror so your supply can be limited. And if the lights are meaningless to the user, there are also icons for those who are affected by water misuse – kids, ecosystems, polar bears – so you’re guilted into shutting off the faucet.

At the end of a year, you can see your usage patterns and know what kind of progress you’ve made in trimming down your consumption.

More words and images at Treehugger.

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