Aid Workers Network Relaunches

AWN The Aid Workers Network is “tired of re-inventing the wheel” and have decided to do something about it. AWN is a place for aid workers to share ideas, concerns, and help each other. It’s also a place to help people interested in working in the aid field.

Members can update their profile and have a blog on the site. It’s an online community for people around the world who want to save the world. The redesign got support from Oxfam and Red Cross and have helped the AWN focus their site to what aid workers need most from the site.

How to Train Your Husband Like a Dolphin

A brilliant animal trainer named Amy Sutherland has been using animal training techniques on her husband with great results!

She’s learned how to train wild animals, and is applying the same techniques to her husband Scott. She says her marriage is happier and smoother than it was before, and best of all, she doesn’t have to nag!

I hope this one helps smooth over a few rough marriages!

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