Stoves and the Majority World

We looked at the Paradigm Project and Stove Man before in June. They have been busy making more videos about what they are up to in the world of helping people (and the planet) by providing them with efficient stoves.

It’s amazing what a stove can do.

Episode 3: Meet the Makers from The Paradigm Project on Vimeo.

Stove Man Turns up the Heat

Stoves can make a world of difference in places that rely extensively on old-school resource like wood and cow patties. Using an efficient stove can save trees from being felled and limit the amount of pollutants released during the cooking process.

Here’s episode one of Stove Man made by the Paradigm Project:

Episode 1: Woodwalk from The Paradigm Project on Vimeo.

Check out the website here.

Thanks Danielle!

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