Hockey Overload

I know that this is the second hockey post in as many weeks, but this is a Canadian-based site remember. Also on Friday’s we tend to post news that is more entertaining in its goodness than effect.

Hockey good thing number 1:

“A recent winner of a hockey contest on Information Morning in Fredericton gave back his grand prize, asking the show hold an auction with proceeds going to a child who couldn’t afford to play hockey this year.” From Inside the CBC. A news story about hockey from a CBC blog about a contest run by the CBC that also involves beer (can’t much more stereotypically Canadian than that).

Hockey good thing number 2:

Canadian researchers have found out what spot of the ice a hockey goalie needs to watch.

Previously we spoke of hockey on Google Video.

Free Hockey

hockey This is shamelessly showing how Canadian ThingsAreGood is. Fridays are the day when we put up “fun” good news, and what’s more fun than hockey?

Google has announced a deal with the NHL to show hockey games on Google Video, just not live games.

“Now you can download full-length NHL games and watch them on your time. Whether it’s a memorable game or a keepsake of your first in-arena experience, NHL Video is always available on Google.”

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