Open Hand: Low Cost Robotic Hand

A funding campaign on IndieGoGo is focused on making an open-sourced robotic prosthetic hand. This is wonderful because the end product will be shared with everyone and the hand can be made essentially anywhere.

The Open Hand Project is open-source, which means all of the plans to make a robotic hand will be published online with no patents, anyone has the right to make their own and even sell it themselves. You’re funding the full development of the hand with the Open Hand Project, after that companies will be able to use the designs and sell the hands all over the world. This really helps get these devices out to developing countries and places where import taxes might otherwise increase the cost of distribution.

Contribute to their funding campaign!

Find Your Lost (G)love

thanks AP!
A new website has the one goal of pairing up lost gloves with their owners. Losing your glove can make a happy day kinda sad, finding your lost glove can turn a sad day into a happy one.

Yahoo has an article on finding you lost gloves, and you can check the website at One Cold Hand.

Gooch, originally from Dallas, photographs each glove and puts the picture and information on her Web site, where people can report found gloves and request stickers. She hasn’t made any glove connections in the two weeks the site has been live, but it’s OK if that never happens, she said.

“It’s kind of whimsical and bittersweet,” Gooch said. “It makes you feel there’s this opportunity for benevolence.”

Gooch would love to see One Cold Hand projects sprout up in other cities. She’s working with two women in New York to start a similar effort there. They hope to have up and running soon.

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