There’s Profit in Reusing Office Furniture

Office room

When opening an office a key thing to take into consideration is where people are going to work. In these modern times just letting employees sit on the floor won’t cut it. Buying furniture can be expensive and add a lot to startup costs, so an enterprising company has taken to selling used furniture.

When companies upgrade their offices they just throw out their old furniture -8.5 million tonnes of it went into the trash last year! There’s money to be had in saving that furniture from landfills, and that’s where reusing office furniture becomes profitable.

“In Canada and the United States, the purchase of new office furniture is in the realm of a $10-billion-a-year industry, so the amount of churn is exceptional, and for the most part it’s always been considered a waste stream,” said Richard Beaumont, vice-president of strategic accounts at Green Standards. “Through resale, metal recycling and charitable donations we, on average, divert just under 99 per cent from landfills by weight.”

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A Better Use for Oil Drums

Oil drums carry stuff that many people don’t like (but everyone uses), some enterprising people have figured out a new use for old oil drums.

The basic Stanker is a one-off, unique table, using recycled materials. The name and model number corresponds to the size of the original barrel. The variations are endless and innovative–one model uses the lid of the barrel as a table surface and Louis XV style legs are added. Another barrel is made into a shelving unit and yet another is a chair.

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