Roll-Out Garden

Starting a vegetable garden can be intimidating for some due to the tons of questions that one inevitable has to address. When should plants be planted? What if it’s a seed? How do I know when to pick them? These questions and more have been answered by a neat roll-out garden designed by Chris Chapman.

english designer chris chapman wanted to make planting vegetables and herbs at home less work with his roll-out vegetable mats. the design aims to make home food production as simple as possible and easy to maintain for busy individuals and families. the design features a mat pre-treated with fertilizer on its underside and a series of seed pouches which slowly biodegrade over time. this arrangements allows the plants to develop before coming in contact with nutrients, increasing the chances of germination. the mat is made from corrugated cardboard and come sin a variety of options each suited for different planting seasons. small signs designate which plant is where, making harvesting a breeze.

From Deisgnboom.

Thanks Shea!

5 Things to Make the World better Everyday

Everyday you can make the world a little better by doing very small actions. The more people that do small things can add up to a very large movement – so join in on the fun 🙂

Read the list of five things you can do here.

Don’t throw it away! We have a tendency not to think about items we throw away. They disappear from our sight, so they are out of our minds. But all those things that the garbage truck hauls away every week do have to go somewhere, and that place is a landfill. Landfills are a major cause of greenhouse gasses and ozone depletion. So next time you get ready to throw something away, ask yourself if you could possibly use the item in another way or donate it.

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