Transition From Knowing About Earth Day to Acting to Help the Earth

Today is Earth Day which is a day that calls people to be conscious of the environment and find ways to help or protect nature. It’s a great intuitive that has been around since 1970 and it’s impact continues to grow. One issue that a lot of environmental organizations run into is transitioning people’s knowledge of negative environmental behaviour into direct action.

This where a new web service called Rallyware can potentially help out. It looks alright and is one of many initiatives we’ve seen attempt this – hopefully this service will be a great success.

According to Rallyware CEO both small and large environmental organizations miss out on important business goals because they don’t engage their online supporters, fans and followers with these four easy steps:

Create small, easy-to-accomplish offline tasks that must be checked off on the way to a bigger offline goal.

Even though actions are occurring offline, online tracking allows everyone to know in real-time how they are performing.

Motivate your supporters with physical rewards, status upgrades, and peer recognition for a job well done.

Because the support of a follower or fan erodes with inactivity, always have the next set of tasks ready to go.

Rallyware’s website
Earth Day Canada
Earth Day on Wikipedia

Earth Day’s Hometown Heroes

Earth Day Canada has launched a campaign to celebrate people and organizations that have made a positive and substantial change to the environment. It’s a way to publicly celebrate those who have made the environment better through their cations. Are you a “Hometown Hero”?

Hometown Heroes are individual Canadians, groups, organizations and small businesses who take a stand for the environment in their community. They lead others to environmental awareness, action and a more sustainable future. They make a difference and improve the state of the environment at the local level.

Here’s the Hometown Hero website.

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