30 Ways in 30 Days

The United Nations Environment Program has a new campaign that shows 30 case studies that prove that we already have the knowledge to stop climate change. Their campaign is call 30 Ways in 30 Days and will promote one case study each day – starting today!

This is to drum up support and interest for positive environmental polices for COP16 which takes place at the end of the month.

From creating mass markets for solar water heaters, improving vehicle efficiency, using waste for energy or installing energy-efficient cooking stoves or planting trees and protecting forests, UNEP’s 30 case studies prove that solutions to combat Climate Change are available, accessible and replicable.

Across the globe, in myriad ways, from community-based programmes to large entrepreneurial endeavors, the solutions have much in common. These projects do not represent the status quo, they embody innovation and creativity; they harness benefits for the people they serve as well as help us to take the actions needed to reduce global emissions.

The stories have been arranged according to UNEP’s Climate Change priorities, areas of work that support countries in their accelerated and effective response to a warming world and its unpredictable consequences.

Check out the official site.

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