Optimists Are Rebels

Grant Morrison is one of the best comic writers and he has a refreshing take to how rebels ought to act: be optimistic. That’s right the greatest rebellion one can lead right now is one of optimism. Ten years ago he wrote All-Star Superman to show his approach and more recently people have been writing about the impact his Superman run had on comics.

A few years ago Morrison gave an interview which is still relevant today:

“In a world, I’m reliably told, that’s going to the dogs, the real mischief, the real punk rock rebellion, is a snarling, ‘fuck you’ positivity and optimism. Violent optimism in the face of all evidence to the contrary is the Alpha form of outrage these days. It really freaks people out.”

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Using Comics to Explain Complex Economics

Economix Comics

Economix Comix is a series of comics that looks at, you guessed it, economics. Using comics is a great way to translate really complex economic ideas into something which is more relatable and understandable. Late last year the artist (and brain) behind the series of comics released a look at the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Above is one of the pages from the comic looking at the chaos of a deal the TPP really is. It’s worth a full read if you’re new to learning about the TPP and you can read it all for free here.

Economix Comix stays current too! Here’s a brief look at the Greece situation in the Euro zone.

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