More About Gore!

Last night I saw An Inconvienient Truth for the first time and I was inspired to write about it today. This movie is incredible! I believe that anyone who has the slightest interest in the subject of the planet burning up into oblivion HAS TO SEE THIS FILM! Even if you haven’t taken an interest before. This is not left wing, political mumbo jumbo. It is well laid out, well articulated and completely informative.

My initial concern with watching the film was that it might leave me feeling depressed and hopeless. While it did present incredible evidence toward the truth of our planet and its fate, it also leaves the viewer with an empowered sense of hope…..That being said, I don’t usually push things on people. But I really feel ok in saying PLEASE WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!holidaycard_earthlarge.jpeg

Visit for more information on how you can make a difference. Also, is a great site in support of wind energy and other renewable, less impacting energy sources. You can even buy someone a holiday card that decreases 1 ton of pollution by contributing to new wind projects that will reduce Co2! We can make a difference guys!!!



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