New Sail Technology Saves Money and Reduces Emissions

In the early days of this site we posted about a company that was adding sails to giant freighters and how this hybrid approach would save money and fuel. The testing of the sails did show positive results, however the cost of operating them and the potential problems they caused didn’t outweigh the fuel savings. Today, another company has found a way to make modern sails using the same blade making technique as wind turbines. These new sails can fold in while in port or story seas and open easily on the open water to savings, plus the installation and maintenance is easier and cheaper. Within the first week of testing they concluded that these new sails are more efficient than they projected.

The new shipping technology has the potential to assist the industry in achieving environmental objectives by providing a retrofit solution capable of decarbonizing existing vessels. Currently, 55 percent of the world’s bulker carrier fleets are nine years of age.

Cargill stated he the performance of the WindWings will be closely monitored over the next few months and the company plans to further improve the design, operation, and performance.

The maritime commercial giants aim to use the Pyxis Ocean to encourage adopting new technology across the shipping industry.

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