Snowflakes Important to Political Organizing

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You’re likely thinking “oh no, not another political thing about snowflakes”, but I assure you this one is different. These snowflakes are conceptual and not the stereotype of a right winger getting mad because they saw a beer commercial. When it comes to organizing people to get a political movement going the snowflake method is one that is tried and true from the time of Obama to just last week in Toronto.

Bowman said Ganz’ method emphasizes “snowflake model organizing” or “engagement organizing” to keep volunteers plugged in.

In the centre of the snowflake is the main organizer, who is surrounded by a handful of people who are “key leads.” Then a ball of people are positioned around each person, and a further ball of people around them, she said.

She said people might come in to do one task, are encouraged, and then moved to another.

“The idea is you move up this ladder of engagement … as people start to demonstrate leadership you move them into leadership positions,” she said.

The importance of less exciting tasks are also explained so people derive meaning from their work, she said.

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