Canada Banning the Capture of Dolphins & Whales

Increased coverage in media about the inhumane treatments of marine animals by entertainment facilities are impacting Canadian laws. Thanks to the efforts of documentarians, like in Blackfish, and concerned citizens Canada is making it illegal to capture dolphins and whales. Criminal code penalties are being considered by the senate to really drive home that Canada thinks this practice is wrong.

“The public acceptance of keeping these majestic creatures in captivity has changed and we think the law should also change to reflect that so we’re going to ban the taking of cetaceans,” Fisheries Minister Dominic LeBlanc told reporters in Vancouver. “We think Canadians massively support that principle.”

There has been no live-capture of cetaceans for captivity in Canada since 1992. In recent years, however, wild-caught beluga whales and bottlenose dolphins have been imported from foreign sources.

The Senate bill would prohibit the import of a cetacean, or the sperm, a tissue culture or an embryo of one of these mammals.

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One thought on “Canada Banning the Capture of Dolphins & Whales

  1. The proposed Canadian ban on cetacean captivity would permit imprisoning whales and dolphins if the bias Aquarium/DFO claims they cannot be released!
    For decades the aquarium and zoo industry used their pro captivity agenda for a worldwide free wildlife market that includes this whale and dolphin laundering. Their exploitation of “animal ambassadors” who did not volunteer to be captured and imprisoned failed as now 50% of wildlife populations shave been lost in the past 40 years. The Billion Dollar $$$ Aquarium and Zoo industry should spend the money on protecting habitats not prisons and fake education.
    The Vancouver Aquarium states that they will fight to keep “rescues” at the aquarium for any longer “care” until whenever they may find another aquarium but not humane options such as sea pens. Sadly, they and others will try to perpetuate captivity.
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