Earth Rangers Wants You to Bring Back the Wild

Earth Rangers is a conservation organization focused on getting kids engaged in protecting and learning about the environment. They have a program currently focused on having kids actively engage in protecting wildlife and their ecosystems. Earth Day happens later this month but there’s no reason why you can’t be thinking about the planet everyday. Get inspired by all the great kids making a difference!

In September 2010, Earth Rangers developed Bring Back the Wild, a national education and fundraising program that educates children about the importance of protecting animals by preserving their natural habitats, while raising funds to support the acquisition and restoration of endangered habitats across Canada. Since launching the program, over 200,000 kids have registered to become an Earth Ranger and over $1,000,000 has been raised for conservation projects.

For Earth Rangers, every day is Earth Day and Earth Month is the perfect time to showcase some kids making a difference. Earth Rangers supports children who launch environmental initiatives, act as conservation leaders in their community and engage in fundraising activities of their own to help protect endangered species.

Check out the Bring Back the Wild program.

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